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Jarrod Tousley-WyoTech Graduate-Heavy Duty Repairman

Jarrod Tousley has always enjoyed working with his hands, and bought his first vehicle off a guy for 200 bucks. I'd say that's pretty impressive for a 12-year old. Jerod admits, "I didn't know if it ran, didn't know anything. I didn't have much money, so I read over the manual and I just, once I got it to run, you know, got it fired up and I knew that things was stable to run. It was amazing to me, wow, you know, I did this, it's gonna run, I know what's gonna happen if something goes wrong."

The WyoTech Diesel Technology Program gives students the hands-on experience need to work on a variety of diesel engines and power systems. The program includes courses in: Engine Management Systems and Accessories, Fluid, Power and Electrical Systems, Engines, and Power Trains.

The course is a challenge, and it's advisable to bring your "A" game when attending class. Jarrod recalls, "The teachers were real professional. The way they grades us, I thought it was great because the way they graded us, was, I would say, in my strong points, how well something works. Also, how your attitude was towards things. So, I actually got awards, high grads and high honors."

The WyoTech approach works for a lot of students because of how the training programs are set up. "I thought it was going to be strictly shop related" says Jarrod. "But actually it evened it 50-50 on classroom and shop related activities, and that, to be quite honestly, was very good." One of Jarrod's most impressive classes was the WyoTech engine shop.

Jarrod States, "We got to use snap on tools. The engines that we were working on, they were high performance engines, and we'd build them. And, we got to set them up on a Dyno and fire them up for the first time and listen to them run, and like I said, that's one of those things, knowing that you did that, you rebuilt it, that's your accomplishment and you did a good job at it."

Hubert Rowlands-WyoTech Graduate-Motorcycle Mechanic

Like many WyoTech graduates, Hubert Rowlands had a passion for his chosen profession since childhood. "I was always interested in bikes. Uh, four-wheelers. Pretty much anything with a motor" Hubert says. "I really don't prefer the cars. But, I can work on a car if I have to."

Hubert Rowlands was fortunate enough to grow up in wide, open spaces on a Tennessee farm. In RowlandsÕ words, "I grew up around bikes. I grew up with friends that rode bikes. And, y'know, I'm from the country. My grandpa worked on lawn mowers, and, I mean, honestly those were kind of boring, until the past couple of years they started racin' em. And, I mean that's pretty wild to see a lawnmower goin' forty miles an hour."

Hubert is a perfect example of what happens when "passion" meets "opportunity." And, this is what the WyoTech experience is all about! WyoTech is the perfect environment for students looking to find the education and experience that can take their love of "wrenching" to the next level.

WyoTech's Motorcycle Technology program can give students the specialized skills and knowledge needed for a career servicing and repairing today's modern bikes. Everybody has a different level of drive and interest, and whether you're looking to hone your skills with a specific brand or style, or just looking to learn basic repair, WyoTech can offer the hands-on-experience that can put your future on the fast track.

Hubert Rowland is happy with the way his life is turning out. He took the effort to follow up on his desire to change his life for the better. Change is not always easy! Change often means we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment. However, when we reach down inside ourselves to find the courage-amazing opportunities are often the result.

If you're thinking about making a change in your life for the better, why not contact WyoTech to see how career tech school training can open up the doors to some amazing possibilities.

You can never tell where the adventure will take you!

Jeff Aquistapace-WyoTech Graduate-Race Car Mechanic

Being a race car mechanic is a dream that a lot of people can only fantasize about. However, Jeff Aquistapace is a WyoTech graduate that made a personal dream come true. In fact, where he is in life at the moment may even be beyond the things he dreamed about but that's a good thing!

Jeff is an engine body and chassis mechanic, and employing those skills as a race car mechanic is nothing short of a constant adrenalin rush. For Jeff, every day is a new challenge. Jeff recalls his WyoTech automotive tech school experience, "The actual program that I took, the nine months, which was the basic program-you can go longer, but not shorter. It went by pretty fast. Yeah, you know, we were waiting for our vacation time all the time, but you know, you're always that way, and then vacation was over and then it was back to school again, so it was pretty fast. We weren't bored and sitting there for hours on end wondering when the day was gonna end."

Jeff's WyoTech Automotive Technology Program training opened up the door for him to show people in the professional world that he really did know what he was talking about. In Jeff's words, "It allowed me to get into their organizations when I had something backing me up. It's all about paperwork. You know, it's having the paperwork and the classes behind you."

WyoTech's High Performance Powertrain concentration gave Jeff the skills and confidence to work on a professional race car team.

Jeff says, "It takes a certain kind of person. It takes a certain kind of person to wanna go to WyoTech, 'cause you really gotta wanna be there, and that's really what you gotta wanna do'. You break fingers, knuckles, cut yourself all the time because things are in tight spaces. If you like seeing something come together, and work like it's supposed to, and do things that you really didn't think you could do, WyoTech is a good place to go."

You might be a student in High School, or you've already graduated and you're thinking about what you'd like to do with your life. Why not contact a WyoTech Representative to find out how career technical school training can give your life a major boost!

Hey, Jeff gave it a shot, and it all came together for him in ways he couldn't have imagined.

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